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Why is Winndom so good?

  • We build our mattresses with the newest and best materials we can find. These are some of the products we use in our beds:

    • Serene Foam:  Serene is a foam that molds to the body, and creates better circulation the helps with less tossing and turning for better rest. You will have that memory foam feel, but unlike memory foams it does not get hot.

    • Latex:  100% natural foam rubber, made in Pennsylvania, these are chemical free products that provide unbelievable support and comfort. These cores offer ventilation holes for a cool and comfortable sleep.

    • We are using the newest in coil technology in heavy gauge coil units and our newest unit the Quantum edge coil system, this coil offers a support that is motion free and offers over a 1000 coils of individual support. These coils have edge and center firmness zones that give you the best comfort and support you can get. These work great with adjustable bed frames.

    • Our foundations, like our mattresses, are constructed to last and are the best in the industry, so good; we offer a lifetime warranty on them. Once you buy a Winndom foundation you will never need to buy another one. You’ll just replace the mattress next time!

  • These are some of the materials used in our beds, but we also offer beds that are made the traditional way, with regular high density foams, one and two sided models .Our beds are designed with each retailer in mind, they pick the constructions, covers and price points they want to offer there customers.


  • Each mattress is hand made and ‘made to order’. This means your mattress isn’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere. It will be made just for you once it is ordered.

We offer 2 sided mattresses; the national brands rarely offer these anymore. This can increase the lifespan of your mattress by up to 50%.


  • All materials are purchased from American companies and the mattresses are made in Hopewell, Virginia and sold in local retailers. From beginning to end, you’re buying local and supporting local businesses that keep our community thriving.


  • You spend a third of your life in bed. Don’t you owe it to yourself to sleep on a foundation and mattress that is proven to minimize tossing and turning, resulting in a better nights sleep. You’ll wake feeling much better.


  • We make custom sizes as well for antique beds, boats and RVs. Now you can have the Winndom experience anywhere and everywhere!


  • the average life expectancy of a mattress is 8-10 years. It’s not something we think about often and before you know it, you’re sleeping on a mattress that has slowly lost its density and recovery time, making for more restless sleep. Winndom mattresses are high density which means they recover faster after you get up. This ensures the longest life of the mattress and the most comfortable sleeping experience possible. Think about the last time you replaced your mattress? How long has it been?


  • Dust mites collect in your mattress over time. While most folks aren’t allergic to them, about a third of us are. Over time, dust mites also give off an unpleasant odor. Is it time to think about replacing your mattress?


  • With almost 30 years experience Winndom knows what it takes to make the finest mattress and foundation possible.


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