Harmony+ Mattress


Harmony+ Mattress

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Brand: Mlily


Our Mission:
Create a Mattress that truly benefits your health and your lifestyle.Our sleep scientists are constantly working around the clock to ensure our mattresses surpass the highest standards of performance, which is reflected in our partnership with Manchester United.
Our winning strategy is to offer premium products for exceptional value, and as a result our business has doubled each year since its inception.

Harmony+ Layers:
1. Double Jacquard Fabric. Our premium knit fabric is designed to provide advanced breathability and comfort.
2. 1.5’’ MLILY Gel AirCell Foam. Our specialized Gel AirCell Foam is scientifically engineered to provide a unique layer of our supreme Performance Memory Foam infused with our breathable, temperature-regulating AirCell Technology.
3. 1.5’’ Performance Memory Foam. Performance Memory Foam is designed to improve oxygen and blood circulation, helping you achieve the deep, regenerative sleep you need.
4. 7’’ Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a final layer of our custom Flex Support Foam to provide a complete level of corner to corner support, delivering the deep, regenerative sleep you need.